The COCIR COVID-19 Information Centre

The global challenge posed by the COVID-19 requires all sectors to play their part in  supporting healthcare professionals, policymakers and citizens; COCIR and its members are fully engaged in this process.
In order to keep you informed, we have created this dedicated section of our website where you can find the latest news and information from COCIR on developments in tackling this pandemic.
•    Latest developments
•    Steps taken by COCIR and its members
•    COCIR statements on COVID-19

Latest developments
Important news and recent developments on the pandemic, including links to key information sources and stakeholders.

Steps taken by COCIR and its members
A regularly updated summary of actions taken by COCIR and its members in support of global efforts to combat the COVID-19 outbreak.

COCIR statements on COVID-19
A collection of publications and public statements published by COCIR on dealing with the pandemic.