What COCIR and its members are doing

What COCIR and its members are doing in response to the COVID-19 crisis

COCIR and its members share the growing concerns of policy makers and public health bodies over the continuing spread of COVID-19 throughout the world.
As a leading European Trade Association, we are dynamically informing our members on the latest developments on these issues at national, European level and International levels. This should assist them in making responsible decisions that are in the best interests of their employees, customers and partners. The safety and health of all remains the primary concern of COCIR and its members. We will continue to provide them with this information for the foreseeable future. COCIR will also make relevant information available publicly via its website.
Recently, our industries have been working closely with National Governments and EU institutions to share the increasing concerns on supply chain disruptions, shortages of critical equipment for tackling COVID-19 and also to ensure continued support for other patients in need of life-saving solutions.
Listed below is a snapshot of the majority of our Members initiatives and statements since the outset of the epidemic.
COCIR is continuing to closely monitor and inform, internally and externally, on any developments.

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COCIR Technologies are vital in the fight against COVID-19

23 April 2020
The fight against the further spread of the COVID-19 is confronting the healthcare system with novel challenges. Some of the strengths of medical technologies are their essential role in early detection, rapid and accurate diagnosis of diseases and monitoring of the treatment process. Yet of even greater importance is their contribution to acute therapies. Medical devices for therapy and support of treatments are making an invaluable contribution to the recovery of COVID-19 patients, particularly in such challenging times.
Some - non-exhaustive - concrete examples of how our sector is directly contributing to the fight against COVID-19 is given here.