Value in Healthcare


Currently, a great deal of healthcare resources are devoted to ensuring the maximum use, not necessarily their value. For example, in imaging (or radiography) ‘success’ is measured on throughput of patients, not on the outcome it delivers to the patient. The true contribution that it makes to healthcare is rarely captured. 

Making healthcare systems financially sustainable demands a shift to a value-based approach. To provide genuine value based care requires patient-centric approaches using integrated care pathways. It works by measuring both cost of intervention and quality of outcomes.


Genuine value-based care requires the determination of a number of elements:

  • Defining patient groups
  • Defining the parameters that need to be measured
  • Determining the appropriate care pathway
  • Basing care decisions on results

The technologies developed by COCIR member companies are at the heart of making these processes a reality. 

  • Imaging – improving diagnosis and treatment
  • Radiotherapy – improving outcomes in cancer
  • Health ICT – providing better insights 

We also recognise that value-based healthcare is an evolving science. This is why COCIR members are committed to a positive and productive contribution to the debate around suitable, patient-centric healthcare.