COCIR China Desk

COCIR China Desk was created in 2007 and is based in Beijing in the offices of the European Chamber of Commerce of China (EUCCC). COCIR, besides its specific activities, is also coordinating the work of the EUCCC Healthcare  Equipment Working Group.

The COCIR China brochure is available here.

COCIR has created the following working groups in China which are composed of COCIR company members based in China:

  • Code of Conduct Focus Group, to improve compliance procedures and monitoring, with an aim to adopt an international code of conduct amongst all industry members in China
  • Regulatory Affairs Focus Group, to advocate for a transparent and predictable regulatory environment that has international credibility, promoting harmonized regulations and standards for medical devices with major trading partners, to ultimately encourage innovation and the timely provision of cutting-edge, life-saving technologies to the Chinese market
  • Standardisation Focus Group,  to promote a timely adoption of international standards in China, conformity assessment procedures and implementation guidelines to facilitate speedy adoption of state-of-the-art, safe and efficacious technologies and procedures in China. 
  • Medical Software Task Force, to promote alignment with international practice for emerging guidelines on medical software registration; and to support Chinese authorities find pragmatic and effective methods to register software changes, especially modifications which do not constitute a significant change to basic function or intended use.
  • Refurbishment Focus Group, to promote the adoption of remanufactured medical devices in China and to develop processes and standards to ensure remanufactured products are of the same safety and quality as new products, with the ultimate aim to increase access to quality medical devices while reducing cost and environmental impact. 
  • Environment Focus Group, to ensure that strict environmental procedures and practices are in place for all medical device manufacturers and healthcare practitioners, while ensuring that environmental legislation does not preclude the adoption of potentially life-saving technologies in China.
  • eHealth Focus Group, to bring awareness of the benefits of eHealth in China and promote the adoption of globally interoperable healthcare IT solutions and standards across China. 


Jessica Yuan 

COCIR Business Manager China  
Tel: +86 10 64622066